We value your visit and use of the ArchHOT website.

The ArchUp website is the largest Arab architectural platform that specializes in publishing everything new about architectural design and architectural competitions. We present these terms and conditions, which are a legal contract between us and you to govern and regulate the legal relationship between you and the ArchUp website, so please read these terms with the necessary care before using the site or benefiting from the services. That we provide, and your acceptance of the terms and conditions while registering your account on the site constitutes your express agreement to all the terms and conditions stated below.

(1) Definitions

Wherever mentioned in this Agreement, the following terms have the meanings indicated in this section unless the context requires otherwise.

“ArchUp” or “ArchUp” or “the site” or “we” or “us” refers to our website “”, which specializes in publishing the latest international architectural events and competitions in the Arabic language.

“User,” “you,” or “you” refers to every person who visits or uses the site, communicates with us through it, or benefits from our services, competitions, content, news, or articles that we provide through the site.

“Competitions” refers to the local and international architectural competitions that we provide through the website in Arabic or any other language, and whose content may be ours or that of other parties.

“Articles” or “topics” refers to the articles and topics that we provide, whether exclusive or non-exclusive, published through the pages of the site.

“Content” refers to all content published through the site, whether it is contests, articles, topics, information, data, descriptions of services, or other texts, images, video, files, attachments, and any other content that we provide through the site.

“Third Parties” refers to all persons and entities that assist or participate in providing the site’s services or cooperate with it or whose services or content are published through the site or the site is published through their services.

“Third-party content” refers to the content, articles, and competitions provided by websites, applications, or other parties, and we provide them through the site while preserving the source rights and copyrights of these parties.

(2) Services

“Archup” is a website specialized in publishing everything new about design and architectural competitions. The site aims to advance Arab architectural content, so we provide through the site everything related to architecture and design, the latest tasks, elements, patterns, etc.
Through the site, we provide our own content for which we reserve intellectual property rights. To achieve the greatest benefit from using the site, we provide architectural content and international competitions through the site in Arabic, while preserving all copyrights of the content owners and mentioning the sources, and providing this content for free through the site or in Sometimes we have the right to claim the costs we deem appropriate.
We provide the user with diverse content in the field of design and architecture. The site is not dedicated to a specific type, but rather includes all forms of designs, news and competitions to keep pace with global development.

The contract between you and the site is concluded electronically by reading and accepting this document electronically. Your use of the site or browsing the content available through it is an acknowledgment of your review of the content and your formal approval of it. This procedure replaces any other required procedures such as a written or electronic signature. Your acceptance of the terms and conditions document constitutes an agreement to All the conditions described therein and all updates and changes that may be made to them in the future.

This document includes all contractual terms between you and the site and replaces any previous oral or written document or agreements, and is binding on all parties.
Part of this document is any subsequent agreements agreed upon between you and the site on any matters supplementing this document or implementing its provisions or interpreting it.

(4) Electronic signature

Due to the nature of the relationship and contract between you and the site, we have developed a modern method such as an electronic signature for you on this document, so your use of the site’s services or your viewing or viewing of information or content or remaining on the site is considered an electronic signature of this agreement.

Your electronic signature on this document is linked to the data that you provided to us or that we collected about you, and this signature is attributed to the data subject. Therefore, you are committed to accuracy in entering the data. Entering false, misleading, or incorrect data is considered fraud and forgery on the site. The site has the right to take all legal measures with it. Against you.

(5) Legal capacity

You must have the necessary legal capacity in the country in which you use the site. If you have not reached the legal age in your country, you must use the site under the supervision of a parent, who is responsible for all the activities that you undertake through the application.

You provide all data related to your registration on the site or that prove your eligibility if requested by the site administration. In all cases, you use the site in accordance with the previous conditions at your personal responsibility, as the site is not a body that verifies the eligibility of individuals.

(6) Communications and Notices

You allow us to communicate with you through the means of communication that you provide to us at any time through the site, or through any other means of communication.

We contact and communicate with you for the site’s services. We provide you with the services you request to benefit from through the site. We may also contact you regarding updates or promotion of our services.
We send notices to you through the site in general or through the means of communication that you provided to us, and you are assumed to be aware of the content of the notice as soon as it is sent to you.

If it is necessary to inform you of any updates, services, transactions or notices and we contact you or send you a notice and you do not respond to us, the site disclaims any responsibility for that, and your knowledge will have been connected by default to the content of the communication or notice, and the site will not be obligated to search for any means. Others to contact you.

(7) Legal Notices

If the site is required to send you legal notices, such as warnings, excuses, notifications, and other legal notices to you, you agree to receive these notices stipulated in the applicable laws in electronic form, and therefore we will inform you of any legal notices via e-mail through notices through the site or through any means. Contact you provided us with.

(8) Content and articles policy

Through the site, we provide content and articles of our own and authored by us, and this content and articles are subject to our copyright and copyright exclusively.

All content and articles express the opinion of their author and writer only, and are not necessarily compatible with your ideas, beliefs, inclinations, scientific and practical experiences, studies, etc. Therefore, you may not criticize or insult the author simply by publishing the content through the site.

All of our content and articles available through the site may not be transferred to other sites or applications except by mentioning the source of the information, the ArchUp website, the link to the topic, and the name.

Correct any errors found in the data.
The user must verify any content available through the site, verify its correctness and accuracy, and exercise the care of a careful person in dealing with the content. If the user wishes to rely on this content or opinions available through the site, this is done at the user’s sole risk without Minimum liability on the site.

The site does not bear any legal responsibility arising from the content available through the site for any reason, whether due to errors in the content, your violation of the published opinion, your reliance on the content incorrectly, or in violation of this policy, or otherwise, and you expressly exempt us from that.

All data available to other people through the site is provided at the personal risk of these people without any guarantees on the part of the site.
(9) Third Party Content Policy

Through the ArcUp website, we provide content for third parties, including any content in their mother tongue, any translated content, images, video, etc., and this content may be articles, topics, competitions, or any other content that we provide through the site.

We provide content to third parties through the site while preserving the copyrights of these parties, so we mention through the site the source of the content or information that we provide.

You, as an ArcUp user, are not permitted to copy, modify, quote, transmit or publish third party content in any way without the obligation to reserve the copyright therein.

You are prohibited from violating any copyright, trademark rights, or other proprietary rights of third parties, and if you do so, you will expose yourself to legal liability and have the right to

The content owners take all legal measures against you.
The content of third parties expresses the point of view of these parties, and this content may differ with any foundations, ideas, scientific or practical matters, or previous background that you have, and therefore you accept the content as it is.
The content of third parties may include some minor or serious errors, and the site is not required to audit or examine the content before publishing it through the site, and therefore the site is not responsible.

To rely on when you use the site.
In any event, you expressly disclaim any liability for third party content and acknowledge that we make no warranties of any kind regarding such content, and assume no legal liability arising from its availability through the Site.

(10) Report content

In the event that there are errors in the content, articles, descriptions, images, drawings, or any content or files available through the site, you can contact us through our communication methods available through the main page of the site and submit a report of the inaccurate content, and we will correct the content as soon as possible. .

We will not delete the content you report in all cases, as we may see that the content does not contain errors and does not apply to the reasons for the complaint or report you sent to us.

If you are the owner of copyrights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights and you believe that the content available through the site violates any of your legal rights, you can contact us and we will take all measures that will preserve your intellectual property rights on the content.
(11) Fees Policy

All site services are provided free of charge. ArkUp does not aim to make a profit from publishing content, information, and competitions through the site.
We reserve the right to change our fee policy and provision of the Services and Content at any time we deem appropriate.

(12) Protection of rights

The site’s services are provided under a license to use, and visiting the site or accessing the content available through it does not grant you any current or future ownership rights to the site or any of its services or any of the content available through it.

The legal relationship between the site and its users does not indicate the existence of any type of partnership between us, and the site is subject to our exclusive ownership rights.

You do not have the right to represent us, contrary to the fact or claim that you represent us before others, and the right to represent ArkUp is exclusive to the site, its management, and the party that owns it only.

The Site has the right to assign any of its rights or obligations arising under this Agreement at any time without requiring the consent of any users of the Site.

You may not assign any of your rights or obligations arising under this agreement at any time except with the express written consent of the site administration.

(13) Privacy

The site is concerned with protecting the privacy of your data, and uses it for specific purposes only. You can view more of our policies regarding dealing with personal data through the Privacy Policy.

(14) Confidentiality

You know that the information exchanged exclusively between you and the site is confidential and you may not disclose it in any way.
You are prohibited from exploiting any means to extract data from the site, and you know that all information available on the site is confidential information.

You are prohibited from tampering with the site or attempting to interfere in the method and mechanisms of providing services or disclosing them or divulging any information that has been classified by the site administration as confidential information.

(15) Terms of Use

The services are provided through the site in accordance with the terms, conditions, rights and obligations available in this agreement, and therefore you are bound by the provisions of this agreement regardless of the country to which you belong.

The user must be legally qualified to enter into this agreement with us, and must have reached the required legal age in the country to which he belongs or resides, without the site’s obligation to examine each user’s data individually.
The user is obligated to enter any information required by us correctly, and the user is responsible for it, its accuracy, quality, timeliness, and legality, and is obligated to update it whenever any change occurs.

The user is obligated to use the site legally and in accordance with the purposes specified by us, and that this use is serious. The user is obligated not to use the site for the purposes of deception, fraud, illegal communication, fictitious communication, or harming us in any way or any third parties or partners.

The user is obligated to notify us if any illegal practices or activities are discovered through the site on the part of the user, and the site has the right to take all measures against that.
The user is obligated to maintain the reputation of the site, not to harm the site directly or indirectly, not to cause us direct or indirect damage, and not to cause us any legal claims.

The user is obligated that the ratings and comments provided by the user through the site are honest and legal and do not include any infringement on the site, partners, service providers or other parties.
The user adheres to all terms and conditions contained in the content policy available within this agreement and is committed not to provide any illegal content through the site.

The user is obligated not to send any messages that include direct abuse of us, third parties, the content we provide, or any of our paid or free services.

The user is obligated not to defame us in any physical or electronic means, including social media, and if there is a problem, he must contact us to solve it.

We have the right to stop the site services at any time we deem appropriate, and the site may also stop maintenance and updates to the services from time to time.

We have the right to change the content of the site or the paid and free services that we provide through it at any time we deem appropriate.

(16) Third parties

Third parties may assist us in providing our services, such as hosting service providers and website programming and maintenance companies. The site disclaims any legal responsibility for any direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional, errors committed by third parties that provide services through the site.

The user may be subject to terms and conditions of third parties, and these are not subject to our control. Therefore, the user must review and agree to these policies before benefiting from the services provided by third parties through us.

(17) Intellectual property rights

The ArchUp website, all its material and moral elements, and all types of content are our sole property, and may not be imitated, copied, or re-exploited in any way. All contents of the site (content, menus, texts, images, video, symbols, numbers, letters, icons, buttons, music, data, information) are subject to legal protection under applicable national laws and international agreements, and we have the right to take legal action in the event Assaulting her.

All articles and content are subject to our intellectual property rights and it is prohibited to do any unauthorized work on our part, such as copying, modifying, quoting, publishing, republishing, selling, reselling, licensing to others, removing the rights necessary to preserve the rights, or removing any technological measures to protect the files that we deliver to the user.

We provide content, articles, and competitions for third parties, and it is prohibited to do anything that violates the intellectual property rights of these parties on their content available through the site. In the event that you violate the rights of these parties, they have the right at any time to have legal recourse against you.

We may provide trademarks through the site, whether they are linked to our services, our own, or those of other people, and they may not be infringed, imitated, copied, circulated illegally, or used and linked to services that are not affiliated with us. In the event of infringement of those marks, we and the parties who own them have the right to Rights must take all legal measures to preserve all our commercial rights over them.

(18) Comments and responses

We allow the user to add responses and comments through the site to articles and content available through it, and in this case the user provides us with his name and email.

Comments and responses must be in legitimate words and must not include illegal or punishable terms or words that insult the site, the writer, people, or other parties.

It is prohibited to publish means of communication as content for comments and responses through the site, as they are visible to all other users, and the site is not considered a means of dating or exchanging means of communication.

It is prohibited to post any promotional content or external links through the comments service, and comments and responses must be directly related to the content and articles available through the site.
We reserve the right to compensation and reserve this right for anyone harmed by comments and responses posted through the site.

The Site reserves the right to delete any comments and responses you have provided without requiring your consent or notification of the deletion.

(19) Legal liability

The user bears legal responsibility in the event of a breach of any intellectual property right on any content or articles we provide through the site.

The user bears legal responsibility in the event that he violates any of our rights under these terms and conditions or violates any of our rights or ownership of the site or any of its elements.

The user bears legal responsibility in the event of misuse of the services he obtains through the site.
The user bears legal responsibility in the event of abuse of the site on any site, website, social media, via email, or through any other means.
The user bears legal responsibility in the event of offending any other person through the site, without any original, consequential or joint liability on the site.

The user is obligated to compensate us for all damages that befall the site as a result of any illegal or unauthorized use by the user or any of his affiliates.

The user is obligated to compensate us if we offend us, the site management, our employees, partners, distributors, agents, affiliates, or any other person affiliated with the site.
We reserve all of our legal rights arising under this Agreement at any given time, and failure to exercise that right at a particular time does not mean that it is waived at all other times.

(20) Disclaimer

The user disclaims our legal responsibility for all errors and any negligence occurring on the part of persons contracting with us or other parties who participate with us in providing services or any third parties.

The user disclaims our legal responsibility for any illegal content, transaction or activity carried out through the site, and acknowledges that he bears full legal responsibility without any liability on us.
The user disclaims our legal responsibility if the site stops, temporarily or permanently, for voluntary or involuntary reasons, and acknowledges the site’s right to discontinue services at any time.

The user disclaims our legal responsibility in the event of any errors, data loss, any database breach or leak of personal information if the illegal act is beyond our control.

The user disclaims our legal responsibility for all warranties not expressly stipulated in this agreement, and acknowledges that the site is not bound by anything other than the warranties stipulated in this agreement.
The User disclaims our legal liability in all other cases stipulated in this document.

(21) Update the agreement
The site has the right at any time to add policies, terms, conditions, and paragraphs to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. We also have the right to add services to the site or modify existing services.
We may update this document from time to time and in this case we will update the version date at the top of this page.

You are bound by all terms, conditions, updates and changes we make to this document from the date they are added.
If you do not agree to any of the additional terms, conditions and policies, you must immediately stop using the site.

(22) Cancellation

We have the right at any time to cancel any of the paid or free services that we provide, and in this case you are bound by the services available through the site. We also have the right to change any of the current services and update them as appropriate from our point of view.

We have the right to cancel any of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, whether in whole or in part, without requiring notification of such cancellation to you.

We have the right to cancel the site completely, change its services, change the activity of the site, change the site name, domain name, or otherwise.

(23) The law

The laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia govern the interpretation and implementation of all terms and conditions, the privacy policy and any terms or conditions contained therein. Also, all effects arising from the implementation of this agreement are subject to interpretation and implementation by the laws of the country in which we carry out the site’s activity, even if they arise in any other country.

The courts located in the Holy City of Mecca shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to interpret and implement the provisions of this agreement and are not subject to dispute from any other laws. This includes all stages of legal procedures and the legal adjustment to the nature of the dispute and application to its subject matter.

(24) Jurisdiction

Any dispute that arises regarding the interpretation or implementation of any clause, paragraph or condition contained in the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, the exclusive jurisdiction to decide the dispute falls under the jurisdiction of the courts located in the Holy City of Mecca, which is an exclusive legal jurisdiction that is not subject to dispute from any other laws to apply to the subject of the dispute and issue a ruling on it. And its implementation.

In the event that any terms or conditions contained in the terms and conditions and the privacy policy are excluded by a judicial ruling, this does not prejudice the right to apply the other existing conditions.

(25) Arabic language

This document was drafted in the Arabic language, and if it is translated into any other language, the Arabic text is the one that is applicable before all official and unofficial bodies if the foreign translation conflicts with it.

(26) Contact us

You can contact us regarding any inquiries about these terms and conditions by email: