Wall decor ideas to decorate your empty wall

Wall decor ideas to decorate your empty wall

Wall decor ideas to decorate your empty wall,

You’ve finally put together your beloved home, complete with all the precious pieces that brighten your day! All that’s left is a large wall staring blankly at you.

Designing wall art is much more than just turning it into a photo gallery, there are plenty of wall decor tactics and ideas to make your wall just yours

Wall decor ideas to decorate an empty wall:


Wall decor ideas to decorate your empty wall


Art of statement

Any room can benefit from the appeal of large artwork, as it gives a clear, balanced focal point to the room without detracting from the rest of the room.

The larger your piece, the more confidence and conversation you will bring into the room.

Anything from a large-scale photo or painting hung at eye level will give maximum impact.

Maybe you can try minimalist abstract artwork yourself.  Abstract minimalism is reasonably easy to master using simple shapes and  color palettes.


Wall gallery

You can’t decide on one piece of art; Maybe you prefer a curated gallery mix? Make your wall look like an art gallery.

An asymmetric display design is enriched if the frames are equal in size, the same color, and have the same support, placed along an equidistant grid.

However, go ahead and mix a diverse cast of photographs, paintings and illustrations framed in contrasting scales for an eclectic fusion.

Work with print media, and take the calligraphy home! The artistic lines range from Islamic metal inlays on marble

From nature-inspired Chinese calligraphy to Japanese brush calligraphy, all are perfect wall decor options.


Scenic wall

Sometimes a large piece of artwork may appear flat.

Start with something tall, like a large painting, leaning against the wall to amplify the height of the room, then tuck a chair off to the side.

Add a pendant light over a stack of books or a vase next to it to add some depth to the scene.  If you don’t have the space, flip a chair for a bench or ottoman for a similar effect.


Wall decor ideas to decorate your empty wall


Decoration on the console

A versatile console table is always welcome in the entryway, living rooms, bedrooms or in front of a blank wall.

Instead of leaving them bare, group art frames together so your guests can walk through them or mount them directly above the console. You can also decorate the table with a decorative lantern or a pretty planter, but not together.

The controllers are thus able to create a “moment” where you have to stop and watch!


Wall stickers and murals

From simple neutral looks to bold graphic pieces, wallpaper elevates empty spaces.

Bold graphics, contemporary geometrics, simple chintz, life-loving landscapes, jungle motifs, muted prints, and subtle floral backgrounds

It is an ode to escapism in this era of the pandemic. There is something for everyone.


Wall moldings

Moldings and trimmings can add layers of character and subtle detail to empty walls.

From flat profiles for baseboards to picture framed wall moldings, moldings create a traditional, streamlined design, requiring no additional embellishment.

Fluted walls are an item of the season and create dreamy, undulating silhouettes that catch the spotlight in the most stunning ways.


Polished walls

They’re super glossy, they’re edgy, and they’re Hollywood glamor brought right into your home. It’s painted walls!

Full of luxury, it will stop your guests in their tracks!

However, glossy paint colors are surprisingly easy and inexpensive, and are great for dark walls to reflect light from chandeliers, pendants and candles!

While red is loud and traditional, a space of walls painted in blue and green will carry a magical, somber atmosphere.


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