Set in Concrete – WOLF Architects Melbourne

This latest book on CONCRETE HOUSES examines the endless possibilities of form-making through concrete. WOLF Architects is honored to be featured alongside other A-List Architects from locations across Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, USA and Africa. Each project provides insightful method on how to use concrete with exquisite colour photography and plans. There are 20 striking homes in total with WOLF Architecture spread across a few double pages.

Concrete is one of those materials that has to be well considered from the onset from both a cost and construction perspective. While WOLF Architects does offer its clients many more affordable options that look like concrete, real concrete is the only product that will outlive us. In coastal areas that are subject to very high winds a concrete home may be the only way to withstand movement. Not only does its structural rigidity offer a sense of security but things such as windows and doors tend to stay in place with less warping or corrosion.

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