How to reach high-level jobs using interior ladder systems

How to reach high-level jobs using interior ladder systems

How to reach high-level jobs using interior ladder systems,
Hiding in plain sight right above our heads, there is about 50-150cm of wasted space unused and unnoticed.
Those hard-to-reach places above cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and bookcases are only for things that are rarely used, left to be forgotten and accumulate dust.
Rooms with high ceilings help take full advantage of their extra height, however, internal stairs allow storage spaces to reach their full potential.
Making sure it remains safe, comfortable and accessible for everyone.
How to reach high-level jobs using interior ladder systems

Benefit from high ceilings for more storage

Interior spaces that have extra height are often unable to utilize it functionally, as the higher shelves extend out of reach.
At Zosia’s House in Gdańsk, Poland, for example, the lower floor in the home’s reading room created more room for ceiling height.
Using an interior ladder and track, the architects were able to extend the shelves to the top of the room.

Move indoor stairs smoothly on straight paths or turns

Installing a track as part of an indoor ladder system such as the MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur sliding system not only gives the ladder crucial support and securely attaches it to the wall
But it also allows for smooth and effortless repositioning using lockable wheels at ground level as well.
At the same time, by installing curved corner notches, as in the Vario ladder system from MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur,
Users can move a ladder from one wall to another, without ever leaving the safe path.
How to reach high-level jobs using interior ladder systems

Trackless ladder systems

For users who do not have the ability to securely attach the track to an existing storage wall, trackless ladder systems such as the Positionable Ladder from MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur are still able to provide a strong and secure connection to walls or units.
The protective pads on the ladder hold it securely in place when under weight and unbalanced use, and also protect the surface from scratches and scrapes.

Space saving vertical ladder systems

For all interior ladder systems with extra open vertical space for storage, having a ladder in the middle of the room is not a fair substitute for small spaces.
The hook ladder system from MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur corrects this problem by designing a ladder and track system that supports itself with hooks instead of runners.
This means that the slim ladder can simply be pushed up against the wall when not in use.
How to reach high-level jobs using interior ladder systems

Step stool: a small ladder solution

If there is not enough space to permanently place the ladder system on a storage wall, another option is a lightweight, portable ladder bench.
However, the problem with the majority of step stools is that they are either too low to be accessible enough, or too large to fit into any nearby available space.
The Magis ‘ Flò seat offers an additional 700mm of height from its top step, includes a safety bar to lean on, and folds down to just 100mm to fit comfortably in a gap or against a wall.

Stairs with extra height above the top step

However, in spaces with very large ceilings, vaulted ceilings, or on floors with double voids, there may be more height available.
For those very large interior stairs, like the MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur staircase, Tangens places an extra few feet of handrail at the top.
These allow the user to reach the top rung of the ladder and stand on it safely by providing a support bar at the top to pull themselves up and lean on it.