Interior design trends for 2024 styles and trends

Interior design trends for 2024 styles and trends

Interior design trends for 2024 styles and trends,

Interior design trends for 2024 are all about using colours, textures and materials in a new, fresh and innovative way.

The way people want to decorate has changed recently. First of all, we all crave a better look, and part of achieving that is preparing your mind to think more positively.

Which you can do by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel happy.

Cocktail cabinets that move and turn, furniture for sitting together and enjoying…anything with a little fun, magic, and drama.

This desire has been filtered and interpreted in so many different ways, here are the interior design trends we think will be the biggest in 2024 and beyond.


Interior design trends for 2024 styles and trends


Some interior design trends for 2024

There seems to be a general trend towards sophistication, but it’s more relaxed towards sophistication than ever before, with the style extending a bit from Scandinavian design and a bit from maximalism.

And while that feeling of luxury remains very important, don’t we all now want something more accessible too?”

You find that people still want their spaces to look large, but while we may turn up the volume in the living room with some real dazzling designs,

We will then create a stylish media room where materials and textures are less formal and more exciting, and more comfortable.

This reflects what is happening generally, as people find that they can be just as smart without a tie, and women have largely replaced their heels with sneakers.


Interior design trends for 2024 styles and trends


Tall, sculptural pendants

When it comes to lighting a dining room, bedroom or living room, the shapes are inspired by rectangular shapes, resulting in a targeted, dramatic glow.

Why this form and why now? This is because they are fun and polished, and create a stunning statement with a graceful silhouette.


Gold plated ceramic

Designers and makers are warming up simple paintings a little with just a touch of the Midas touch,  but do they make them art? We have come a long way since the famous Philippe Starck Juicy Salve to arrive at this beautiful and perfect hand-painted ceramic display.


Interior design trends for 2024 styles and trends


White LEDs

This new lighting trend is all about removing color altogether, focusing on form instead,” says Chelsea Reale of design studio Sissy + Marley: “We love monochromatic spaces, especially in smaller spaces because it gives your eyes the opportunity to flow through the space uninterrupted.” ”

It can be said that these types of lamps are not just lamps, but a sculptural piece as well, as these elements add the slightest amount of dimension and shape to the room and ensure that the light is always well and evenly filtered.


Interior design trends for 2024 styles and trends


Aluminum bodies

This easily recyclable metal has been promoted from drinks cans to some of the most popular designs, as part of a larger movement of designers to re-evaluate more sustainable methods.

Tom Dixon, who used it for lightweight chairs, says: “Rough and soft, glossy and matte, black and white – we want to use a lot of materials to avoid too much monotony.”

MDF Italia designed a bench from it and New York-based designers Workstead used aluminum in the lighting set.


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