Designing homes with the concept of unity with nature

Designing homes with the concept of unity with nature

Some homes are designed with the essential elements of rare location,

rare design and rare experience to offer a unique living experience in keeping with contemporary living.

This was born from the determination to “make home more than just a place to live”

by launching a project that provides living along the Chao Phraya River, living with nature in the heart of the city.

Although the house is Ultra Luxury in terms of design,

However, the project did not depend on the choice of materials or flashy decorations.

Instead, it offers simple beauty and strategic use of materials.

Besides what every resident longs for is “nature” through the main concept “oneness with nature” which takes us to live with nature in balance.


Designing homes with the concept of unity with nature

Living with nature in the heart of the city

In the heart of the city in Thailand’s Rama 9 district, the Noble Terra project is bringing residents back to thinking about living with nature again.

The location is surrounded by complete amenities,

whether it is the commercial area of Rama 9, Asoke, or Phetchaburi,

Or a lifestyle area like Ekkamai, or Thonglor, as well as a creative hub like Town in Town to respond to every moment of users’ lives.

In addition to the fact that Noble Terra is a separate house that comes with suitable functions and is ideal for family living with an area starting from 382 square meters,

We will also see an interpretation of the abstract concept of “oneness with nature”

in the concrete form of architecture and landscape architecture in the project from two teams of skilled designers.


Designing homes with the concept of unity with nature


With the architecture and interior spaces that have been designed and the green spaces throughout the house as well as an overview of the project through landscaping collaboration.

This makes each home in the Noble Terra project unique and different with the aesthetics that come with a design that hides luxury and space that is in harmony with nature.

From the skill of two extremely talented teams of designers.

A rare experience

With only 29 houses and a common area that comes with safety and full club-like facilities under the Private Sanctuary Clubhouse concept,

An entertainment area, a guest lounge, and a large garden such as the Sensory Garden.

The project comes with a community where residents enjoy privacy and a relaxing atmosphere that is not limited to the home.

But it is linked to the surrounding context and society in a sustainable way.


Designing homes with the concept of unity with nature


In addition to designing the house to suit everyday life in terms of functionality,

Noble TERRA is also a house that conveys the unique identity and tastes of its residents.

They both love and focus on simple design but full of luxury in every detail,

in addition to searching for a comfortable and quiet living atmosphere.

It rewards residents who want to live happily surrounded by nature surrounding them every day.


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