Brick house design with modern silhouettes

Brick house design with modern silhouettes

Brick house design with modern silhouettes,

Brick house designs are the most popular topic in interior designs and architecture.

A fascinating trend has emerged in the ever-evolving world of architectural design:

the combination of modernity and timeless charm through exposed brick.

Below we look at a stunning modern residence that beautifully incorporates the rustic appeal of exposed brick.

Creating a harmonious blend of old-world warmth and contemporary elegance.


Brick house design with modern silhouettes


The structure

As you approach this modern residence, your eyes are immediately drawn to its stunning facade.

The elegant, angular structure of the pure white balcony contrasts starkly with the urban landscape, drawing the attention of every passerby.

However, what really sets this home apart is the innovative use of exposed brick that adorns select portions of the exterior.

Weathered and full of character, the brick creates a captivating juxtaposition with the home’s clean lines and minimalist design.


Brick house design with modern silhouettes


The balcony design is located on the eastern side of your residence and is a testimony to the harmonious coexistence of nature and modern life.

It’s a haven where you can embrace the beauty of every sunrise, savor your morning coffee,

or relax under the canopy of a starry night sky.



Interior Design

Upon entering this modern masterpiece, you are greeted by an open plan living space flooded with natural light.

Large, strategically placed windows provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape, and simple furnishings highlight the feeling of spaciousness.

The living room features a floor-to-ceiling white wall,

providing a contrast to the exposed raw brick exterior with contemporary furniture.



In the design of this brick home, neutral or monochromatic interiors welcome visitors as the turquoise blue sofa acts as the perfect color combination.

It instantly attracts the eye and becomes the focal point of the room, adding a touch of liveliness and personality to the space.

Whether the decor is primarily white or beige, the introduction of striking color creates a stunning visual contrast in the design of this brick home.



Kitchen design

Moving into the kitchen, you will find a stylish and modern culinary haven,

where design plays a pivotal role in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

And when it comes to achieving a harmonious balance between style and function, combining beige furniture and white walls with strategic blue accents provides a sophisticated and timeless solution.

Blue open shelves built into the white wall also provide storage and display space.

While modern kitchen appliances and simple cabinets keep the space expanding.


Brick house design with modern silhouettes


Design a place for prayer

The unique design of the prayer space, featuring hand-painted images of seven of Thakur Ji’s friends,

is a celebration of the enduring bonds of friendship within the sacred realm.

Aiding in the pursuit of spiritual growth and enlightenment,

the hand-drawn images offer a kaleidoscope of colours, in a monochromatic color palate for the interiors.

The single staircase with wooden handrails is more than just a functional element in this design, it is a piece of art that defines your living space.

Its combination of the softness and timeless appeal of wood creates a design masterpiece that is both practical and captivating at the same time.

By choosing this design, you not only connect different levels of the house, but also give it elegance and warmth.


Brick house design with modern silhouettes



The bedroom in this modern residence continues the neutral or monochromatic theme, but each has its own unique touch.

Custom wall art is more than just decor; It is a statement of your personality and a celebration of your journey.

Elevate the ambiance of your bedroom and make it unique by decorating its walls with artwork that suits you.




In this home, exposed brickwork has been artfully integrated into the contemporary design,

creating inviting and visually stunning spaces.

This fusion of styles demonstrates the endless possibilities for architectural innovation.

It reminds us that the beauty of the past can be seamlessly integrated into the present.

This residence is more than just a home, it is a testament to the enduring magic of exposed brick in modern design.


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