Simplified digital infrastructure for smart buildings

Simplified digital infrastructure for smart buildings

Simplified digital infrastructure for smart buildings,
A smart home represents a combination of innovation and convenience, and can be defined as an environment in which one or more devices are connected and can be controlled remotely, either through a smartphone or voice commands.
Automation, or home automation, is an advanced technology that is becoming increasingly available and popular, it enables tasks ranging from efficiently controlling lighting and room temperature to managing security devices
entertainment systems and voice-activated personal assistants.
Smart homes empower residents with continuous, easy-to-use control over their environment. This dynamic synergy between automation and connectivity not only enhances efficiency and conserves resources;
It also opens new horizons in customization and comfort, envisioning a future in which homes adapt to the needs and preferences of their occupants, making life simpler and more enjoyable.
However, these systems often require the installation of new cables and wires to build the necessary infrastructure, as well as the employment of highly specialized labor, which can often make their implementation impractical.
JUNG HOME emerges as a solution at a time of increasing demand for energy efficiency, resource conservation, security and comfort.
Its core innovation lies in simplifying construction automation processes, with the flexibility to integrate it into existing structures or new construction.
This is made possible by its Internet-agnostic approach, where all components communicate with each other through the secure global communication standard known as Bluetooth® SIG networking.
This method eliminates the need for a KNX system and a “KNX Bus” line that require additional cabling to be installed for operation.
The system also relies on the standard 230V electrical installation found in all buildings, allowing flexibility and implementation of solutions on a small or large scale.
With the ability to add features as needed, whether room by room or floor by floor.
Additionally, for locations where cable installation is not possible, battery-operated push buttons are an ideal choice, as they easily stick to various smooth surfaces using adhesive pads.
Simplified digital infrastructure for smart buildings

Simplify automation

Through this system, users can adjust the intensity of lights, regulate room temperatures, and even integrate smart products from different manufacturers.
Whether through manual switches, the JUNG HOME app, voice commands, or automated operations triggered by motion sensors, the home adapts to the needs of the occupants.
Motion sensors can also enhance the security and energy efficiency of spaces and can be customized in the app according to each user’s preferences.
Each component, whether a button or a socket, also acts simultaneously as a transmitter and receiver, as they amplify input signals and transmit commands.
Since its radio waves are interconnected like a web of cloth, the stability of the network increases with each new node.
Starting with something as simple as a Jung Schuko® socket or push button, they can expand automation features throughout the entire building.
With features like programmable schedules and consumption tracking, these plugs enable users to manage energy usage efficiently
Offering additional functionality such as hourly scheduling and energy consumption monitoring.
Simplified digital infrastructure for smart buildings

Comfort, aesthetics and functionality

The JUNG HOME app acts as a control center for all devices, simplifying setup, customization and operation.
In addition, the JUNG HOME Gateway offers voice control, allowing devices and other smart solutions to be operated through voice commands with assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
The product is also designed to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of any interior space, available in the A, CD and LS Series design lines, with the classic LS 990 option
Which offers a range of colors inspired by Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, and provides an elegant look.
JUNG’s goal is to create advanced, practical and customized technologies that meet the individual needs of buildings and user preferences.
Their approach, which focuses on simplifying technology and reducing operational errors, represents an important step towards the future of home automation.
In this way, home automation can become easier, more efficient and highly customizable, providing comfort and convenience to residents while promoting energy efficiency and conserving resources.