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WOLF Architects Melbourne Architecture – Interior – Landscape Fri, 23 Dec 2022 05:21:12 +0000 en-AU hourly 1×32.jpg WOLF Architects Melbourne 32 32 Rising Stars Fri, 23 Dec 2022 05:21:12 +0000 As 2022 closes, the cycle of dreaming, designing and building continues at WOLF. Dynamic design, town planning and

Rising Stars – WOLF Architects Melbourne

As 2022 closes, the cycle of dreaming, designing and building continues at WOLF. Dynamic design, town planning and council applications, interior design finesse through to the final built stages have kept our team pushing boundaries.Some challenges we see with all our unique, bespoke homes as they stand apart from the masses. However the particular challenges of

To Sketch is to Design – WOLF Architects Melbourne

Over the last few decades technology has replaced so many things within architectural practice. Rotring pens, T-squares, drafting boards, lightboxes and blueprinting have all disappeared. Possibly the only thing left from the olden ways is the sketchbook, but now even that has joined the endangered list. The sketchbook remains an integral part of The WOLF

PART 1- The Beginning – WOLF Architects Melbourne

When I’m asked about which architects I like or follow, or my thoughts on the latest award-winning building, I cannot confidently respond as I do not consider myself well-read enough. Furthermore, WOLF Architects is a bustling enjoyable practice, leaving minimal headspace to comment on others. In fact, we now rarely enter competitions or awards. This

Courtyard Tips – WOLF Architects Melbourne

A courtyard is more than an enclosed space, open to the elements whereby you can fit a few plants. This may have bred the misconception that they are wasted, functionless spaces. However at WOLF, almost every new home has a courtyard of some form.Here, we explore various courtyards and their function, giving some tips on

The Beginning of Joy – WOLF Architects Melbourne

Architecture is a lengthy process in every regard. From the education and training of an architect to the process of designing and preparing a dream home is lengthy, and finally, the process of building can be long and fraught with the challenges of creating something unique. Each WOLF home is essentially a one-off masterpiece, a

An Interview With A WOLF Architect – WOLF Architects Melbourne

As a newly registered architect with a young practice, job scope was limited. The opportunity to create outstanding buildings was not paramount, and I focused on how my work had direct impact on living. From being practical to beautiful it all affected how we live and I think I started to understand for the first

Set in Concrete – WOLF Architects Melbourne

This latest book on CONCRETE HOUSES examines the endless possibilities of form-making through concrete. WOLF Architects is honored to be featured alongside other A-List Architects from locations across Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, USA and Africa. Each project provides insightful method on how to use concrete with exquisite colour photography and plans. There are 20

Architectural fees in 2022 – WOLF Architects Melbourne

Why is there such a big range from one architect to another and what do we get when we spend more? Being ranked on the first page of Google means that we receive regular phone calls from people researching good architects. Most of the time people are just shopping around trying to understand costs and