What to know about building a backyard guest house

What to know about building a backyard guest house

What to know about building a backyard guest house,
Small backyard guest houses are becoming increasingly popular.
They are great for hosting guests over a long weekend and can provide some much needed extra living space.
It also provides your guests with more privacy and comfort than just a spare bedroom.
Building a backyard guest house can also become an additional source of income if you are interested in short-term rentals.
With the rise of platforms like Airbnb, this has become much easier than ever.
So, if you or your clients are planning to build a backyard guest house, what should you keep in mind?
What to know about building a backyard guest house

Things to consider when designing a guest house

Want to design the perfect backyard guest house that your clients will love? Then make sure you work with them to consider these three factors.


It is important to determine the location of the guest house first as this will help determine the size and type of guest house your client’s property can handle.
You want to find a good location for your guest house to provide guests with privacy yet easy access, work with your clients to check out their property and determine the right location.


Next, you and your clients must decide how separate the structure should feel.
Will it just be a small bedroom and living area?
Will it have its own bathroom or perhaps a half bath?
Will it be a fully equipped, self-contained guest house with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living areas?
What to know about building a backyard guest house
Best guest house layouts
Small house plans can make or break a space, check out these three different styles of guest house floor plans.


This type of guest house design is similar to a standard one-bedroom apartment or studio apartment.
Typically you would have an open floor plan with the kitchen, dining room and living areas grouped together, and then, off that main area would be a door to a small bathroom and another to the bedroom.
The design of a studio is similar except that instead of a separate bedroom, the living area will typically include a sofa bed or futon where guests can sleep.

Loft style

Loft-style backyard guesthouses are a great option when space is limited because they make great use of vertical space.
The first floor has an open plan with a small kitchen and living area, as well as a small bathroom, then the section above the first floor is a loft with a sleeping area.
What to know about building a backyard guest house


These types of guest houses are multi-purpose structures that can provide additional entertaining space as well as a place for guests to sleep.
Many clients like to have an extra room with sliding doors or large French doors next to the patio or pool area.
A guest house like this one with a bar and outdoor kitchen is ideal for entertaining.
Then, a sleeper sofa, futon, or murphy bed can provide additional space to house guests overnight.