The best bedroom interior design ideas

The best bedroom interior design ideas

The best bedroom interior design ideas,

If you’re someone who loves interior and exterior decor in movies more than the movie itself, get ready to spruce up your bedroom with some great movie-inspired ideas.

Where you all get the best rest after a long tiring day! It is our bedroom where we feel relaxed and comfortable.

So, having a bedroom with better interior design and proper setup is a must,

but what if you could make your bedroom look like the one in Bollywood and Hollywood movies?

These days, most of our inspiration comes straight from the movie screen,

if you are an avid movie fan, you will be able to relate to these bedroom decor ideas and will love interior design related websites and blogs.

Here are the best bedroom ideas inspired by different movies, for the perfect bedroom makeover.


The best bedroom interior design ideas


Bedroom canopy

Be it a classic Hindi film like ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ or a modern film like ‘Murder’, the bedroom canopy is always there.

It is also important to choose the right color for the bedroom canopy,

it doesn’t matter if you are making a bedroom for your kids or yourself, it looks great anywhere.

These days, you will find a variety of bedroom canopies available in the market, and you will find multi-colored and single-color bedroom canopies in the market.

To enhance the master bedroom, choose a single-color bedroom and a multi-colored canopy,

while for the children’s bedroom, you can choose a multi-colored bedroom canopy.


Painted walls

Walls should be perfectly painted, whether you use a contrasting painting trick, a textured wall painting, or different characters painted on the wall.

The choice is yours, what you like best.

You will see walls in the background of many films and you can take an idea from there,

like the hotel room wall in the movie ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ or the decorated wall in the movie ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ .

You can also take inspiration from Hollywood movies like “Ocean’s Thirteen”, “Amelie” or “The Help”,

where you will be able to see the flower decorated wall in one of the scenes.


The best bedroom interior design ideas


Bedroom based on theme

If you all have watched this movie, “Ki & Ka”, you will understand what I am trying to say,

just like the train design in the movie for the entire house, you can try some designs for your own room as well.

The theme can be based on anything you prefer to keep, such as greenery, fairy, palace theme,

and color based theme.

On the subject of palaces, Bollywood films like ‘Padmavat’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ are a great source of inspiration.

Floors should look as good as the walls

No one would like the idea of a beautiful room without good flooring, so, when we talk about flooring here, we also include area rugs because they are part of the flooring decor.

Where you can use the patterned wood flooring as in the name of the Hollywood movie,

“You’ve Got Mail” or the area rug in the movie “The Great Gatsby” .

From marble flooring to vinyl flooring to patterned flooring, all of these ideas are great

And the. Many people use flooring inspired by mandala art, as in ‘Bajirao Mastani’.


The best bedroom interior design ideas



With almost every movie, you will get different curtain ideas, like simple curtains,

printed curtains or huge sequin work curtains,

You can benefit from the latest home design ideas and trends from any of them.

Take the idea from movies like ‘PS I Love You’ where simple and printed curtains are used, or from movies like ‘Father of the Bride 2’, ‘Gone with the Wind’, ‘Khoobsurat’ or ‘Devdas’.


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