Common bathroom design mistakes to avoid

Common bathroom design mistakes to avoid

Common bathroom design mistakes to avoid,
Are you thinking about turning your bathroom style ideas into reality?
From fixtures to lighting, you may feel like you need to make thousands of decisions when it comes to style and design.
For many homeowners, bathrooms can truly be a place that allows personality and creativity to shine.
For others, though, the bathroom is as practical as it gets.
But, no matter how you feel about your bathroom design ideas, knowing the common areas that challenge homeowners is a great way to start the project.
Common bathroom design mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes in bathroom design that you should beware of

Don’t jump into your next bathroom renovation project without the right knowledge, here are some common bathroom design mistakes you should keep in mind.

Bad location in the house

Although not everyone has the luxury of starting from scratch, if you’re in the beginning stages of designing your home, always position your bathrooms in the right place.
Think about where you place your bathrooms in your home – are they in obvious places for guests to find them?
What about the proximity of the bedrooms? The last thing you want is to walk through your house to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
You want your bathroom to be out of sight from main areas like the dining room and kitchen to provide isolation.
Instead of physically separating these spaces by distance, try using walls and other design elements to hide your bathrooms.
Common bathroom design mistakes to avoid

Poor placement of fittings

Moving fixtures can get expensive — anytime you move a water line, you’ll need to hire a plumber.
But changing the placement of your fixtures can help the overall design and flow of the space significantly.
Consider placing your fixtures, such as the toilet and shower, in their own space, this is a great way to separate bathroom areas for extra privacy.
This is an excellent style for designing shared bathrooms or bathrooms attached to the master bedroom where more than one person may be in the area at the same time.

Neglect ample storage space and counter space

Who needs to store things in the bathroom? Well, most of us do.
Think about all the things you keep in your bathroom, from facial moisturizer to extra toilet paper, it all has to go somewhere.
For this reason, you really need to carefully consider your storage and counter space.
Without adequate counter space and in drawers, you can quickly create clutter in your bathroom.
Consider your current storage needs as well as think about what your bathroom storage needs might look like in the near future.
Remember, you want to create a space that meets your current needs and grows with you.
Common bathroom design mistakes to avoid

Poor ventilation

Proper ventilation is very important for bathroom design.
We’ve already touched on this basic topic earlier, but here are some tips to help you along the way:
Always make sure your fan ventilation system is appropriate for the space.
If possible, place windows in your bathroom area that can add more air flow
Keep bathroom spaces away from common areas like living rooms and kitchens if you can
These few tips can make a big difference, remember, you want your bathroom space to feel comfortable, and proper ventilation and airflow are part of that.

Incompatible combinations

It’s really easy to go over the top with fixtures like bathtubs and showers, but have you thought about whether or not your home can handle these new features?
Many homeowners don’t make the correct calculations for things like hot water demand to adequately meet the requirements for luxury features like tubs.
If you need some extra help here, always consult a plumber, they can give you a review of your current water system and let you know if you’ll need to upgrade things like your water heater to accommodate the new installations.