Architectural Leadership: The best Arab architectural sites that every architect should follow

“Architectural Leadership: The best Arab architectural sites that every architect should follow”
In a world where the number of Arab architects and architects exceeds one million, a major challenge emerges: the need for distinct Arab architectural platforms that meet the ambitions and aspirations of this professional group. Despite the great contributions and rich heritage of Arab architecture, Arab architectural content still lacks the required strength and influence. In this context, the importance of independent architectural websites comes in, which are considered as knowledge streams that help in transferring and developing architectural knowledge.
Through this article, we present to you a list of the most prominent Arab architectural sites, with a special focus on the importance of these sites as independent platforms. We believe that independent sites have a greater ability to provide objective and in-depth content, compared to social media, which may lack neutrality and specialization. We hope that the owners of these sites will pay greater attention to developing their content and updating it continuously, to meet the growing need of Arab architects to obtain valuable and updated information.
Through this list, we look forward to highlighting sites that are working hard to promote architectural culture in the Arab world, and we hope that these platforms will be a source of inspiration and learning for architects and students alike.
  It is not just an Arab architectural website, but it is one of the most prominent platforms in the Arab world for architecture and design. It is distinguished by its extensive coverage of architectural news and competitions, and provides rich content and in-depth analysis in this field. The site is proud of its large team and broad fan base, including foreign audiences. is a major architectural network and is considered a trusted reference for architects and design enthusiasts worldwide.
Engineer Forum
The Engineer website is known as an important architectural platform, but it may not keep up with the latest developments in the field of architecture. Although it offers valuable content, it seems to fall short in updating the information regularly, making it a secondary option for those looking for the latest trends and technologies in architecture.
It is another prominent site in the world of Arab architecture, as it offers a wide variety of architectural projects and educational articles. It is distinguished by providing diverse content that includes from innovative designs to sustainable topics in architecture, which makes it a useful source for architects and students looking for inspiration and new learning in this field. What is striking is that the site bears the famous name of Google with the introduction to architecture, and the unique design of the content Very distinctive and modern.
A new location, but it quickly established its presence in the world of architecture. The site features specialized and cutting-edge content covering architecture, art, design and urban planning, making it a rich source of selective information and news. is known for providing innovative ideas and projects that inspire architects and designers, and reflects a trend towards excellence and uniqueness in the field of architecture.
  Associated with the engineering consulting firm ING, it offers a unique window into the world of architecture. The site is distinguished by its continuous and in-depth architectural content, covering diverse topics from urban design and planning to architectural innovations. is a reliable, up-to-date source of information, making it a valuable reference for architects and students.
Crucible, although known as an architecture platform, has a heavy focus on social media. It may not provide the traditional architectural content that engineers and students are looking for, but it is a source of inspiration and creative ideas through its sharing of architectural projects and images. This way of presenting content may make it less attractive to those looking for in-depth information and technical analysis.
  It represents an ideal destination for those interested in fine details and innovations in the world of architecture. This site is distinguished by providing a variety of content, including news, projects, and research on architecture and urban design. is distinguished by its in-depth analysis and constructive criticism that helps develop a deeper understanding of architecture.
It is a site that provides architectural content, but it may lack constant updating and diversity in topics. Although there is some valuable information, it may not be the first choice for architects looking for the latest trends and developments in architecture.
  It offers a range of architectural topics, but the focus may be more on social media than on deep architectural content. It can be a good source of visual inspiration, but may not satisfy the need for detailed architectural analysis or up-to-the-minute technical news.
It is considered an old architectural site, but architecture is developing and previously published distinguished content that provides diverse content that addresses different aspects of architecture and design. This site can be relied upon for historical information and in-depth analysis, making it a good choice for both veteran architects and students wishing to explore areas of the past in architecture.